Airsoft Guns – A Short Buying Guide

Whether you need them for deer hunting, shooting competitions, or simply for some casual target practice, when you go out and buy airsoft guns it is important to account for a number of essential factors.

Irrespective of the uses that you have in mind for your airsoft rifle or handgun, to stay on the side of safety and to make sure that you will end up with a quality product, you should consider the tips presented below.

•    Perform an overall quality inspection of the gun and make sure it contains as much metal as possible.
If you want an accurate and sturdy airsoft gun, look past the shiny plastic parts and focus on what is made of actual metal.

At least the gearbox should be manufactured using metal, since a plastic piece will break down a lot sooner.

Since buying a handgun with an inherent shorter service life is far from a good deal, consider opting instead for something that’s durable, even if this means spending a little extra on your purchase.

•    Account for the weather and temperature conditions under which you will be using the gun.
If you want a gun that performs well even under freezing temperature conditions, you might be better off with an AEG instead of a gas-powered gun. Although for a handgun there is nothing better than gas power, take note that most guns in this class are extremely vulnerable to cold, which has a visible negative impact on their behavior.

•    Choose a gun with a powerful enough battery.
A robust battery is definitely an important thing to look for in airsoft guns, since this part of the gun is subject to a lot of wear and tear during shooting.

To minimize the chance of misfire and eliminate the need to replace this part prematurely, opt for a gun that has a big and sturdy battery in the first place.

•    Never take off the orange tip at the rear of the barrel.
Tempting as it may be, removing that bright orange tip on your airsoft gun is not a good idea. This marking plays an important role in making the distinction between airsoft guns and real assault weapons, for which reason it is actually against the law to detach it or paint over it. After all, airsoft guns and rifles are close replicas of the real thing, and if you want to stay out of trouble (particularly with the police), it makes sense not to conceal the very thing that marks them as recreational guns and nothing more.

•    Remember to check out the FPS rating specified on the box.
Whether we’re talking about an airsoft rifle or a handgun, a cheaper quality product is far less likely to advertise its actual rate of fire, so don’t expect to find this rating on a bargain gun purchased through a cheap pawnshop. The FPS acronym stands for “Feet Per Second”, and the higher the number, the faster the gun spits out the projectiles that are fed into it. If you are buying your gun for recreational use, it may be wise to go for a firing rate ranging somewhere between 215 and 300.

However, if you are a serious shooter you will probably want to opt for something more like 300 to 450 FPS.

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