Internet Services in Costa Rica – A Look at Internet Cafes and Locales Offering Wireless/ Wi-Fi Access

As pointed out by a current study conducted by the Foro Economico Mundial (World Economic Forum), Costa Rica stands out as the most technologically advanced country in Central America. Moreover, it has also established itself as the seventh most developed country in Latin America and the Caribbean region, occupying a strong position just behind Mexico, Brazil, Barbados, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and Chile, with the latter name listed being at the top of the hierarchy in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Costa Rica’s technological resources and wide variety of Internet services have rendered it an influential Central American authority, and this favorable renown has contributed to significant improvements in the international investment sector.

In the near future, the country’s government is looking to further diversify and improve offerings with respect to Internet options, in the attempt to encourage more companies to invest in the Costa Rican field of IT.

At present, one of the most popular and highly requested Internet Service Costa Rica solutions is based on VoIP technology. The market demand for VoIP packages is growing at a very fast pace, since VoIP solutions combine high transfer speed with reliability, convenience, and affordability. Other High Speed Internet Costa Rica options include broadband (DSL and cable) and fiber-optic wireless, although the latter has a smaller coverage and, as we will discuss later on, is less secure than most of its counterparts. Read More →